Cleaning Vouchers

If you have run out of birthday present ideas – think of buying a cleaning voucher.


Benefits of our Miss Tidy Loyalty Card

With our Miss Tidy Loyalty Cards specially made to serve our loyal customers and your unique needs, regular cleanings are simple, efficient, reliable and prompt on a whole new level.

Miss Tidy Membership Card

Miss Tidy Membership Card

Besides an amazing 10% discount on all of our regular cleanings (only £13.50/hr), you will also have the unique opportunity to enjoy the gift of free oven cleaning (worth £45), priority booking over the holidays and weekends as well as a cleaning set consisting of mop, duster and microfiber sets dedicated solely to you and solely used at your place.

Not to mention that we’ll happily iron five of your shirts once per year as a bonus, completely free of charge.

Enjoy the incredible benefits of our Miss Tidy Loyalty Card by getting it today!

Not sure about the order? Let’s do some quick maths here:

Miss Tidy Loyalty Card costs  £120 a year, as a one-off fee. 

You may pay online by clicking on the button below or by bank transfer.

The process is the following:

  1. Make your payment.
  2. You receive a receipt within 5 minutes.
  3. You receive a call and an e-mail from us with your membership card number.
  4. Your plastic card is being posted to you by Royal Mail within 2 days.
  5. You are qualified for the savings right away, the Duster Kit is delivered to you by one of our staff members.
  6. You may book in the oven cleaning or ironing anytime.



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  Total price Loyalty Card U save
Hourly cleaning £15/ hr £13.50/ hr £1.50 / hr


with 2hrs weekly £156 savings a year
weekly clean 4hrs £312 savings a year
Free Oven cleaning once a year £45 £0 £45
Free ironing of 7 shirts once a year £15 £0 £15
Magic Duster Kit £15 £0 £15

Cleaning Vouchers in Sussex and Essex

Have you run out of gift ideas for that special occasion? Do you not know what to get for that wedding anniversary? Everyone loves to come home to a clean home; that’s why MISS TIDY CLEANING gift vouchers are the perfect present for any special occasion – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversaries or other special moments in life.

Here is a happy mum receiving a birthday voucher from daughter living abroad:

Miss Tidy cleaning vouchers

Miss Tidy cleaning vouchers

You may choose the amount you wish to spend as a gift. Remember, we custom make gift vouchers to you:

Kiss Goodbye To Grout - Miss Tidy Magic Finger

Miss Tidy Cleaning Vouchers

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