Domestic Cleaning Dormansland and Crawley Down are

How our insurance works and what is covered


Preliminary steps to avoid any damage or claim: Cleaners Referencing and Training at Miss Tidy

  1. Cleaners are trained, vetted
  2. Following a patented Miss Tidy© Cleaning Checklist only available at our company in the UK.
  3. Any damage might occur is professionally treated by our protocol :

3.A – Cleaner reports the damage occurred asap (Cleaner report the damage to Miss Tidy office and the Customer)

3.B – Cleaner does any possible handling to safeguard and avoid any further damage (eg. notices a leak or breakage, she puts a bowl under the leak)

3.C РMiss Tidy office contacts the client asap and work out a solution (If the damage is less than £20 we simply settle it between the company and the Customer)

3.D. – The damage may be over this significant value you are rendered a password to fill in our Miss Tidy Claim Report Form.

4.E – The claim report is sent to our insurance company and the matter is solicited by competent arbitrators. You receive a compensation based on the matter arranged and decided by them.

We put a huge amount of work into carefully vetting and screening our cleaning service staff.

Firstly we ensure any of our future cleaners applying for a position provides 2 references. One of which must by from a previous employer showing experience and ability to clean at a professional standard and the other may be a character reference.

We look for honesty, reliability and excellent customer service when recruiting. There is the usual referencing procedure that is applied. They must provide proof of address such as a recent bank statement, utility bill or tenancy agreement and proof of identity, being their passport, driving license, home office papers and a birth certificate.

Miss Tidy Cleaning Services only employs people who are fully legal to work in the UK. We are very strict in this area, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation.