Oven Cleaning

Did you or your tenant neglect the oven for some time? No worries – we make it shiny and look like a new one.

Oven cleaning price list 


One Door Oven £50.00 Hob – 4 ring £15.00
Double Oven £60.00 Hob – 5/6 ring £20.00
Wide Oven (above 600mm) £65.00 Hob – 7 ring and above £25.00
Range £85.00 Extractor hood £15.00
Aga 2 oven £90.00 Microwave £15.00
Aga 3 oven £110.00 BBQ’s (size dependant) from £30.00
Aga 4 oven £120.00
Aga side module £90.00





FAQ – Oven Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean the racks, too?

Clean oven rack

Clean oven rack

Yes, of course, cleaning the racks / rails is included in the oven cleaning. Wether you have 3-4-5 racks we put them in a sink full of very hot water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid  and leave them to soak.

Then use a stainless steel sponge to get rid of the burnt grease.

For the stubborn grease we have a special brush. With this heavy duty tool we can get rid of the most yuckie things, too.


How long does it take to clean an oven?

Depending on the size a single oven takes 2-3 hours to get properly cleaned. A microwave oven  is about half an hour to get cleaned.

Super sized aga and stoves can take 5-8 hours if they were not properly cleaned for years or have not been cleaned at all.


What type of ovens do you clean?

We clean any type of oven – AGAs, Stanleys, Rayburns or any other design. We have all the right detergents and techniques to handle even the toughest jobs.


Do you use eco-friendly cleaning methods for the ovens?

Yes – if you want so thoug the job may take longer and we have to charge additional hours. We use Sea Clean range and can get the job done with it really well. Please see product details below:


  • Organic cleaner derived from seaweed and plant extracts
  • Removes grease and grime from ovens, microwaves and barbecues
  • Heavy duty performance – developed for industrial degreasing applications
  • Suitable for use on all surface types: metal, glass, plastic and rubber
  • 500ml trigger spray with handy lockable nozzle
  • Completely people and planet friendly
  • Produced in the UK from sustainably harvested seaweed stocks
  • Used by the UK’s leading professional oven cleaning franchises



What areas do you cover? 

We do oven cleaning in Crawley, East Grinstead, Forest Row, Dormans Land, Felbridge, Crawley Down and vicinity.

Oven Cleaning – Self Cleaning Ovens


If you are lucky enough to have a self cleaning oven you do not need professional oven cleaning. Just follow the manual that says to heat up the oven so the grease and crumbs turn into ash.