Autumn Cleaning and De-Clutter West Sussex

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Autumn cleaning  – why not?!

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and it is wiser to do a thorough spring cleaning rather than misstidy_clean_staffpostponing it to Christmas time. You have way more duties to care about in the middle of holiday time.

As some Bree van de Kamp type women goes “You don’t have to be afraid if you did Xmas cleaning thorough enough last year”. Kidding?! Before Xmas I could not even list my kids’ name… Grrr…

Here I found a fantastic list to cover anything around the house & spend as little time as necessary & and have some time left to spend an afternoon at the Brighton or Rye.

Not a Martha Stuart list – a real woman quick-list:

1. Friday afternoon – preliminary step. Scare family to throw away anything that lies around the floor. Anything may refer to GI Joe soldiers, clothes and baseball cards.

2. Still Friday – get a plastic bag, a big one and declutter as much as you can.

3. Saturday morning – get an alarm clock and set it one hour later. Each area will get an hour NOT more. We want to be effective, remember?

4. Kitchen: get all cleaning supplies and fill up your sink of hot, soapy water. Scrub through everything greasy, oily and get off the dirt. Load the dishwasher and wash everything juicy and fitting in. Even brushes, cat food plates or oven particles can go in. While it works dust the from the ceiling all the way down. Wet and wipe the cupboards all the way down. Hoover and mop the floor and take out the garbage.

5. Rooms (one by one) just follow this system: Make order and declutter – dust from the ceiling to the floor – spray and wipe what’s needed – hoover and mop.

6. Bathrooms – same procedure as above. The only exception being is the spray and wipe step added with scrubbing. Tile and grout cleaning is handled by Miss Tidy Magic Finger.

7. Outdoor and garage – just call family they also need some fun

This is the least meticulous cleaning anyone ever heared of – and THE MOST WORKABLE. To make it more effective order a helping hand from Miss Tidy Cleaning Service West Sussex – call Victoria at 077 86 575 493


the Charming Team of Miss Tidy