Kitchen Cleaning – Story Of The Sink And The CashMachine

The sink-bonus as a cashmachine – I would call it cashcow but that would confuse you even more. 🙂

My dear client, Kiara, asked me the other day ‘why do you shine the sink it goes wet and yuckkie’ as soon as you leave!?’

Well – I always leave a shiny and dry sink behind and so does my Miss Tidy cleaning girls. I reckon you haven’t looked at the sink as a cashmachine so far. More likely you looked at it as an enemy. A dirty, juicy, stinky enemy just sitting there and watching you with its metal eyes. Sometimes to make things worse attached to a grinder partly out-of-order.

Wake up – its just an illusion. The sink will be your cashmachine. Of course I am exaggerating a bit. Speaking of cleaning all of you do a good job. I am sure about it. Still there is chance to deliver a bonus service step. This is delivered very rarely. Our oven cleaned – they are not just clean I try to make them SPARKLING :

Oven Cleaning East Grinstead, Felbridge by Miss Tidy

Oven Cleaning East Grinstead, Felbridge by Miss Tidy

If you are in a frame of mind of “just getting over and done with it” you will never think of a bonus. Still bonuses may boost your business and cut your promotional costs (or advertising costs) by half.

Here is the magic formula of Miss Tidy

1. Do the job well. Clean it, wipe it, wash it 1% further when it seems clean.
2. Look around and find something extra – eg. SINK POLISHING or a garden shed mattress cleaning
3. Offer this bonus service to the client and you won’t need to worry about classified ads in the local papers… You will have the word-of-mouth and referrals in galore.

Kitchen Cleaning East Grinstead

Fait vos jeux and clean the sink

Referrals will make you a fortune and build up your clientele. Do this step each time with each clients. Fait vous jeux and cash in the chips.

May you never spend a dime on expensive classified ads.

Have never seen a shiny sink?! Call Miss Tidy asap:   07786 575 493